The recommended dietary intake is in International Units (IU). The Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) recommends the following intake per day to maintain a healthy level of vitamin D:

Age Recommended daily intake of vitamin D
0 to 12 months 400 IU
1 to 70 years 600 IU
70 years and above 800 IU


2 young girls wearing masks
Use extra vitamin D to help prevent COVID.

Any alternative to fighting COVID or to refusing the vaccine is controversial these days. But studies are out there that show the benefits of alternative protocols to help prevent COVID and to take after you have gotten the vaccine (if you chose to get the jab).

Vitamin D is one of the most important nutrients to strengthen your immune system when preventing a cold or the flu, so hence, it works the same way with the Beer Bug.

A study published in JAMA found that higher levels of vitamin D can lower your risk of infection, especially in people with darker skin (more melanin).

The adult RDA for vitamin D is 600 to 800 international units (IUs), but the National Academy of Medicine determined that up to 4,000 IUs per day is safe for most people. They also stated that there’s an association between vitamin D levels and COVID-19, and taking a daily vitamin D supplement can help prevent COVID and decrease the severity of its symptoms if you do get it.

So to prevent COVID and help prevent problems after the jab, many people increase their levels to 10,000 IUs per day.

Stay safe, get some sunshine, and keep a bottle of vitamin D in your cupboard.